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As our season will be commencing on Wednesday 8th March 2017 we are calling for a General Meeting for our members so that all of the Captain's Packages can be distributed as well as explain formats and how our Association's Handbook works so if members have any questions they can be answered on the day.


This is also a great opportunity for members to bring forward any ideas, ask questions, query decisions regarding the Association, etc.  So all members are encouraged to attend.


The meeting will commence on Sunday 5th March at 9.30am in the restaurant area of the Harbour City Motel.


Members, now that the season is close to starting we are also playing our rankers for the CvC teams nearly every weekend so when our General Meetings are due, which is the first Sunday of each month, if a ranker is still to be played on that day then a decision will be made on the Saturday to what time players will want to start.


Hopefully see you all at the first meeting of the year.